Equus Psyllium

August, 2020


"I have been using this product for a long time now. My horses eat it up and so far no problems with sand. Good price also.”


Horses Love Taste

March, 2020



A Necessity at a Good Price

February, 2020

Yvonne S. 

“Good product, a necessity, and good price!”

Prevention Saves a Lot of Money

December, 2019

Diane W.

“7 years ago it cost us $5,000 for impaction surgery on our mini stallion. We have been feeding this product since then and no problems at all with dirt/sand in gut. Minis get 1 oz. each, twice a day. Great product.”

Fussy Horses  Will Eat Product

September, 2019

Thomas B. 

“I have fussy horses that will not eat the other psyllium products, but they like this and it works well.”

Equus Psyllium Fiber Blend
January, 2019
Sandra R.

"This helps my pasture horses stay healthy and happy, no tummy problems or a tummy ache, it’s so great to have a product that is easy and healthy, thank you from me and my four sons!"

Equus Psyllium 

August, 2018
Barbara B.

"I LOVE this product. The anise scent is great – I think so and the horses think so !! The pellet form is so easy to feed – out of your hand or in with the grain – I hate the powdery product – too hard to feed. I also appreciate the fact they don’t add a lot of other ingredients to it, just what I want to avoid or treat sand colic- no extra added anything – thank goodness! Very palatable!!"

Wonderful product
August, 2018
Debra C.

"I have tried several brands of sand colic treatment over the years and have found Equus Psyllium Pellets to be the most palatable to my horses (which range from Mustangs to Appendix QH). It is easy to add to their feed and I’ve had the best results with it for over 12 years. If you have problems with sandy soils, I highly recommend this product."

Benefit Proven Through Use
April, 2018
Roial A.

"I have used EQUUS Psyllium pellets as a feeding supplement for years in an effort to avoid the incidence of colic in my horses. The soil where I live is sandy and, even though my horses eat off the ground, I have not had a case of colic as long as I have been feeding the psyllium as directed – seven days out of the month – without fail."

Gives us peace of mind as owners
September, 2016
Stew from Honolulu, HI, USA

"We have Arabian horses in a Hawaii. We take them to worldwide competitions for endurance and noticed this product being used in France during the European endurance championships which we participate in. We talked to a Belgian group in the competition who strongly recommended Equus Psyllium Fiber Blend. They said it prevents malabsorption and impaction related potential for colic before the events and afterward. We would highly recommend this product and consider it the best product of its kind in the world. We have seen many friends in our sport who have lost horses to impaction related issues. We trust this product implicitly and have been using it for 10 years."

Best bang for your buck
June, 2014
Hickorydickory from Cheyenne, WY, USA

"I have tried many different brands of psyllium pellets for my animals, and these are by far the best I have used. They are licorice-flavored which my animals love, have no preservatives or added sugar, and cost less. Win, win, win!"

Highly recommended!
May, 2010
Vicky from USA

"I started using this product 10 years ago when I first acquired my now 30 year old appy gelding. Within a couple days, he had passed 6 STONES in his manure varying in size from a cherry to a small apricot! I’ve been using it ever since."


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